Residential Drapery Cleaners

We service hundreds of homes and apartments every year and it’s as easy as a telephone call. Your drapes will be removed in the morning and rehung in the afternoon. We offer senior, renter and military personnel discounts and our prices are absolutely the best! Just call or e-mail us for an easy to understand FREE ESTIMATE.

Our Services Include the Following:

  • Drapery Removal
  • Drapery Stain Spotting
  • Dry Cleaning of Blackouts/Laundering Shears
  • Installation of New Drapery Pins
  • Drapery Track Lubrication as Needed
  • Minor Repairs to Draperies and Tracks
  • Drapery Rehanging
  • Same Day Return
  • Uniformed Personnel
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Home Drapery Cleaning Services
  • Residential Drapery Cleaning Services
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Drapery Dry Cleaning Pricing

Pleat price: $1.80 per pleat or drapery hook
Note: Pricing is subject to change for certain material and types of stains.

Minimum Charge:
Honolulu to Kahala $ 130.00
Hawaii Kai $ 140.00
Kailua, Kaneohe $ 150.00
Kalihi $ 140.00
Salt Lake $ 145.00
Aiea, Pearl City $ 165.00
Mililani, Waikele $ 200.00

Service Charge
A service charge will be invoiced for jobs that we go to and cannot clean due to sun damage or other like conditions. We will explain on the invoice why

We accept all major credit cards.